Does your oil burner look like this?


The oil burner in this picture was taken from an aga I was converting recently. The main reason the clients were converting their aga was that they could not get the aga to heat up consistently, and it would lose heat and die after only about 3 months. And it stank of oil, apparently.

Not surprising when you look at how blocked the oil feed is, and this had only been serviced and cleaned out about 8 weeks before the picture was taken.

Blocking up of the oil channel is very common - this is by no means the worst burner I have seen, and is due to the quality of oil that is available. Many customers tell me that putting proprietary ‘additives’ in the oil tank does not seem to make it better. They are having to have their oil agas serviced at least twice per year now, just to keep them running.

None of this is an issue with a converted aga…!