How much does an ElectricKit converted aga cost to run?

Each household will use their converted range differently so it is hard to estimate costs of usage.

However, based on 2 working adults using a converted 2 oven Aga over 12 months, using it efficiently (i.e. only running the Aga when required) the average daily running cost was found to be less than a £1 per day. The electric unit cost of 15p including vat was used in this calculation.*

The converted Aga was used as follows:

  • Autumn 2011, 3 months, timed operation, 454KW used
  • Winter 2011, 3 months, 24 hour operation, 708KW used
  • Spring 2012, 3 months, timed operation, 615KW used
  • Summer 2012, 3 months, manually operated, 287KW used

This gave a total annual usage of 2064KW used.  At a rate of 15p* per KW this equated to £310.

Customers with 4 oven agas have reported similar (though very slightly more) running costs as 2 oven agas, as they tend to use the warming ovens as and when needed, rather than having them on all the time.


From cold to 365 deg c, 30 minutes, 0.7KW useage


From cold to 200 deg c, 1 Hr 35 minutes, 2.7KW useage
From cold to 235 deg c, 2 Hr 2 minutes, 3.6 KW useage

Return on Investment for an ElectricKit Conversion

The cost of converting a range depends on the age and condition of your existing unit, but (if used as per the above scenario for running costs) offers the opportunity for pay back in approximately 2 1/2 years. A estimate of the costs will be given to you after a brief discussion and survey is completed. This is carried out by a site visit, or over the phone by sending us photographs of the range.

The conversion works in such a flexible way, unlike any other conversion or alternately fuelled range that it cannot really be compared like for like.

*the price of electricity does vary and the figures are based on average prices at the time of running the experiments.