How the ElectricKit converted aga works


1. Independent Hobs and Ovens

The hobs work independently of each other as does the top oven.

They can all be independently heat controlled using simple controls (see below). This means you can be frying on one hob, simmering on the other, while roasting in the oven. It also means that you can turn on whatever you need when you want it, which is great in the summer as you don’t have to have the whole range running.

2. Improved heat up times

Heat up times are vastly improved:

  • Frying on either hob takes 10-15 minutes from a cold hob

  • Baking at 200 degrees celsius: it takes the top oven 1hr 35mins to reach this temperature from cold

3. Control Panel

New simple to use controls are fitted behind the ashpit door, so you can control temperatures for each hob and the top oven (and warming ovens on a 4 oven aga) independently. This means you can also be far more precise in setting temperatures, which makes cooking more accurate.

4. Timing when the ovens and hobs come on

By adding two electric timers, one for the hobs and one for the ovens, you can control when you want the range in use.

For example:

  • Get up to a warm kitchen, and cooker ready to go

  • Turn on the oven only, to cook a family meal in the evening

  • Switch off the cooker between 10pm and 5am next morning to reduce running costs

5. Reduced running costs

Following the conversion to electric, in addition to the savings made by only powering the cooker when required, there should be no more servicing required which reduces annual running costs significantly.

Also, there is no oil tank to monitor, or replace when damaged.

As part of the installation, we provide a complementary first year check up, to ensure everything is working as it should, and a two year guarantee on parts and labour for a new conversion.

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