Renew and replace the bits that are past their best

During a conversion is a great time to refurbish or upgrade your old aga. We have to take the aga almost to pieces to carry out the electrification, and here are some of the upgrades we can help you with.


Full refurbishment or replacement

Sometimes, it is easier and cheaper to completely replace your aga with a fully refurbished and converted model. You may wish to change the colour, or the model, or install an aga where there was not one before. Contact us to talk about your options.


Partial refurbishment

All parts of an aga can be replaced.  Common upgrades during a conversion include:

  • newly enamelled top and/ or front panels

  • replacement lids, liners and braids

  • new towel rails and brackets

Just about anything is possible so please get in touch.


Removal of your old aga

You may have inherited an old aga during a house move and are clear that you do not wish to keep it or convert it. We remove old agas as a service, and can often recycle or reuse them in new conversions for other customers. Depending on the condition, we will either charge a fee for removal, or if the condition is good, may pay you.